Warsaw the 6th day

(A Japanese Chopin fan, traveling alone to Warsaw, Poland for the first time)

Summary of the day: "Rest, lazy and less Chopin day"

I was so tired from the Krakow trip in the previous day, so I stayed hotel till 11am.
Since I was in short of clothing at that point, I decided to get a tank top and fit pants in T.J.Maxx.

... the below is girly out cry.

I am relatively big for Japanese. I am size M in U.S., and size L in Japan.
Now, M pants, L shirts in Poland! Shoulderrghrrr!

After changing to the new clothes in hotel, I looked at the map. There seem to be another castle sign above new town.The area on the map says "Citadelle", and enclosed with the castle wall sign, just like old town. Out of curiosity, I decided to go there.
Well, it turned out to be military facility? surrounded by historical looking wall. I could see 1830 on the gate.  It seemed like I cannot just walk in. So I decided to walk toward the new town.
It turned out it was the fort related to November uprising in 1830, and currently owned by military.

From the closest Tram stop to Citadelle, I walked through residential area, non-touristy places where people live. Those housings really reminded me the town I grew up in Japan. Here is the comparison from Google's street view.
See, aren't they looks similar?

From Citadelle to new town, I saw many yummy looking fruits tree casually planted aside of driving road. If I were that hungry, I could have reach to those free fruits for sure.

At the old town, I had Grzane Piwo (hot beer), with lunch+dinner sandwich.
Hot beer tasted like gingery sweet drink. I will try making it!

That's it for this day. It was short. I went to bed early, but prepared for jogging in the next day in early morning :)

A sign stopped my step in the day.
All Photos from this day is here

Side note:
I brought my Nokia 520 from U.S. This phone is not supposed to have SIM lock.
I got Play (play.pl) prepaid SIM card in the shopping mall for 5zł (no-phone number deal, just internet). However, I had to ask my husband to contact AT&T to give unlock key code to use any prepaid SIM card. It could have taken 3 days.

So, if you have AT&T's "SIM free" type of phone, be aware. You probably need to contact support before the trip to get the unlock key.

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