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Haunted tunnel, "Yamagami" Tanzawa

We briefly visited a haunting place in tanzawa area in Kanagawa Prefecture. It is called " Yamagami " tunnel. They say audible female voice in the tunnel if they visit in night time. We visited in early morning.  

Mt. Kintoki, Kanagawa

During the pandemic, our family climbed Mt. Kintoki in Kanagawa, since we are asked not to move across the prefecture lines. I tried to do this in 2019, when I was recovering from my injury of my left arm with Tomoe, the white dog. I could not take her to the top, since one part of the path have big gap requiring rope. I had to have someone else to hoist her. Unfortuantely, I was myself, and Tomoe didn't seem to be enthusiastic about the adventure. This time, we are with Aisu who experience hiking for the first time. I think he did Okay, but still over excited and not quite manageable at all.

Nasu Plateau, Tochigi: Akarupa

We visited Akarupa in Nasu  The place have 2 camping site dedicated for dogs freely running around our tent. My husband cooked Pieria.  On the way to coming back home, we stopped by Mt. Yamizo  

Miura Kaigan Carlo Foresta Miura Kaigan Arena

During the lock-down in 2020 in Summer, we are stressed out for unable to travel. My husband and I decided to travel Miura peninsula in our prefecture with my elder mother, staying in  Carlo Foresta   Our dogs names were on their Welcome board.  

Nasu Wanko Ga Shuyaku Camping

We tried to climb up Mt. Nasu. We stayed Wanko ga Shuyaku camping ground. As soon as I reached there, the owner complained since we are late for 2 hours than the check-in time. I wonder how that hurts other than her little pride. Furthermore, the owner of the place started to talk about lengthy rules in the camping ground. She apparently value the grasses on the ground so much rather than dogs. Typical Japanese in Rural area:  Land owners in rural area inherit lands from their parents in 80s, when they are already 60s, and have no energy to newly start farming. Taxes on land inheritance is high, so they start a vacation business targeting city people.   However, they do not have trained to accommodate people nor educated. Then they make up some local rules so that they think they can control over patrons, visiting from cities. The patrons obey the rule, since city people think of dogs as a toy, and keeping them in their lap. They like to carry dogs in arms. As soon as their dog shows

Miura Alpus

We started to climing up around 11:15, and came down around 14:30. It was a day with gust of wind blowing 4 of us away.  At the Sengen peak, looking down Sagami bay. On the way to coming up here, we met a guy with Edguy T shirts. Nice T shirts! 250 staircases Kan-non peak We decided to take escape route to come down to Hayama residential area. The path was pretty minor, and filled with spider webs. Aisu have this probem of eating everything he finds interesting, including bugs, warms and soil! We have to keep eyes on him. Taking a rest at a little park in Hayama "We walked and played a lot!"

Verga, in Hokuto in Yamanashi

We stayed in a camp ground in Hokuto city, in the middle of rainy season. The camp site was at the edge of the facility, with maple trees.  In this season, maple trees drop sticky honeydew, and catapillars eat these sweet leaves. In the next morning, I walked to the Toritengu shrine edge of Mt. KaiKoma Monkeys! This bridge is the beginning of the path. Since we did not have any gears prepared at this point, we did not go into the climbing path, and turned around.