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Kinect for Windows v2 USB Issue

このエントリ、技術オタ系です。 事情により英語と一緒。 My husband gave me Kinect Windows v2 for my birthday in the beginning of this month. I already owned Kinect for windows original which I purchased in the beginning of this year. Immediately after that, they announced v2. Darn. Reading their release note, I was especially excited about the thumb recognition. Anyway, I tried to connect the birthday present, but it was not successful. My Windows 8 kept giving message "The last USB you have connect was not recognized" After searching, I found out only particular USB 3 port will work with Kinect for Windows v2. This is the list of the USB3 port works with Kinect for Windows v2 I wish they made it   BOLDed statement on the box, or their sales website... I will order one of the USB 3 PCI port, and will see what will happen with my main machine. Here is the successful setup with my Surface Pro(original ver). This is from the Depth View on Kinect Studio. 旦那が 厄年の誕生日にKinect Windows v2 を買


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