Warsaw the 4th day

(A Japanese Chopin fan, traveling alone to Warsaw, Poland for the first time)

Summary of the day: "No bus, No English"

"The easiest way to get to Żelazowa Wola is by train to Sochaczew, then MZK bus from (bus stop at Sochaczew PKP train station). Bus number 6 – alight at the last stop. 
Bus tickets: normal 3 zlotys, concessionary 2 zlotys."

Like I posted previously, the tourist information center recommended to use tourist service. I was stubborn to choose public transportation. I learned the reason for her recommendation.
So I went to the Central Sta. showed the ticket counter a memo with Sochaczew, got ticket for 19zł. There was 11:00am train.

Now, I would like an attention from all train-spoiled Japanese or car-life Americans, or anyone who do not know MANUAL operating door of trains.

When I got Sochaczew sta. I could not open this. Luckily, I saw a lady coming in in the next train, so I asked her to show how to open it. Dzięnkuję!!

Now that I got out of the station, there was a bus stop, but the timetable was something like this:
8:00| 9:00 | 10:30| 11:00|14:00|15:00 ... ( Disclaimer: Not accurate copy. Please do not rely on this information for your trip! )   

It was close to 11:45am. I decided to approach one of the taxi cab and showing the memo of "Żelazawa Wola, Chopin Museum": "Dzien Dobre, Ile to Kosztuje? (How much?)  He said 40zł, in English, while showing his four finger. Ok. Good. I asked him to take there.

As soon as I got off the taxi, I went to the bus station and took a note of the timetable. Next bus bound for Sochaczew station was 14:25pm. The 2 timetables on the board had no English, so I look for just "Sochaczew", and wrote down both of the time table on my notepaper.

The Chopin's birth place has the little house, and also museum with display of folk instrument that plays Mazurka, Krakowiak etc. There were bugpipes, and flute, and a instrument of some convination of violin and keyboard. I took a note "SieSienki" and "Mazanki".
The birthplace house is pretty small but cozy. There is old piano for displaying Chopin's friends piano (likely Chopin played sometime), and working piano with outdoor seating. I think that piano was for the weekend concert.

The garden was well-maintained, and has plenty of water current, bridge and flower. I could not help thinking when infant Chopin spent his 8 months of life here, the place should not have been this tidy and organized, and thought about more organic/natural version of the garden.
After lunch in the cafe inside of the garden, I went back to the bus station. There were a couple of lady and gentleman sitting there, I talked to them,  "Dzien Dobre, Czy jest autobus do Schacew?" They replyed "What?" in Enlglish. Yay, I met English speaking tourist folks!
We started talking about how to go back to Warsaw, and itinerary. They were from Rome, and they apparently had the same kind of itinerary as mine.They went to Chopin Museum the day before, and also they planned to go to Krakow in the next day. Also the gentleman was a pianist.
We talked about the trip, living country and piano playing, then exchanged facebook info.

In the bus, I gave my seat to an elder lady. She showed me her appreciation, palm together, started to talk to me. However, I could not understand what she was saying at all. I heard a bit of "Gdzie jest... " (Where) So, I said "Sochaczew" But she showed unsure expression. Maybe she asked me where I came from, or where I am staying etc. I wish I could understand Polish more. I really would like to be able to have simple conversation at least by the time I come back next year.

 Yes, unlike Warsaw, people do not speak English in Żelazawa Wola area,  just the same comparison Tokyo vs my hometown in Japan. Żelazawa Wola is located in suburb, and granted things are different from the city.

I had dinner of rabbit dish in Specjały Regionaine in Krakowskie Przedmieście street

I think this was the first time eating rabbit for me. Rabbit teasted like a white meat fish, with chicken texture. Yes, that was really yummy. Polish meal is not too salty, dishes are not too big, and chicken taste like chicken and vegetables taste like real vegetable! (comparing to  U.S.)

All photo from this day is here

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