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From Okutama to Musashi-Itsukaichi

I tried to run from Okutama station to Musashi-itsukaichi area in this day.
I failed to do so because of remaining snow at the top of Nokogiri mountain and Oodake mountain. I was stupid enough not to bring crampons. 
Leaving Hatonosu Hotel at 5:30, catching train around 6am. 
Atago shrine have deadly steep staircase.

I saw someone who walked before me had a couple of doggies with them. I could tell from the footsteps on the snow.
I wonder how they could take doggies with them, since the course had occasional ladder climbing. I can see if the dogs are toy breed, but the foot print clearly indicated they were bigger breed.
In my plan, I was to go to the Bazukari Mt.
However, considering the fat

Mitsumine Shrine

We went late beginning of year shrine visit to our favorite shrine, Mitsumine Shrine in Oku-chichibu area.

 This place worship white wolf, so our family member is proud to be here.