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Shibire lake

Shibire lake camp (Sui-Mei-Sou) Facilities: Grill: You can make fire on ground, or one cooking section per a block Sink: About 6 facets Bathroom: Yes, 3 for each gender. Stores nearby: None Pet: OK. Mobile: IIJMio and Nuromobile are worked well there. Shower: No Administration: There are 4 sections; You can make fire on ground in one site, but you cannot in the other 2 bigger (specious) sites. Get a instruction of paper in the Sui-Mei-Sou above. This place is the most silent place, where you can get away from all auto vehicle noise. Map We visited in Oct 14th and Nov 25th  in 2017. It was freezing cold in the latter. Bring your heavy winter equipment!  Hiking trails: The hiking trail to Hiru ga take would reveal one of the best view of Mt. Fuji. Hotsprings  you could stop by on the way to go back to capital area:  Mitama no yu Hottarakashi hotspring Again, We western tattoo couple did not have any problem using both bath places.

Karuizawa trip

While my husband's family was visiting in the beginning of Nov. 2017, we took the both side of the family to Karuizawa for vacation. In that occasion, I ran to Hanareyama in Karuizawa.  It was pouring rain, but it cleared out as soon as I finished running....  Mount Asama. I would climb if I would have been alone. Karuizawa is tourist destination, where attract people in each season. It was a bit crowded for my taste, but accommodating for foregin people. Recommended to take your family members who would not like adventure nor climbing.