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Warsaw the 2nd day

(A Japanese Chopin fan, traveling alone to Warsaw, Poland for the first time)

Summary of the day: "Old town: People here greet each other in Mazurka rhythm, then talk in Polonaise!"

Since Chopin Museums are closed on Monday, I decided to visit the spots related to Chopin, in old town.
Arriving old town in Warsaw using Tram (at this day, I got a day pass for 15złoty, I walked toward the first destination; Honoratka, which is a cafe in fashion at the time of Chopin's day, still in business. The Cafe did not seem to be open yet, so I just walked around  between charming traditional style housings.

By the way;
Went around the old town, sewing between tiny organic pathways, I ended up with coming back to the the open area close to Tram station. I found a gentleman with white wig, almost like a Bach cosplay...  is passing flyer. He passed me the flyer, saying "English side", indicating flyers flip side is English ... its a flyer for his pipe organ concert in 20min in St. Anne. Why not. I decided go in. The ticket was 10złoty.

Wow, I have never seen such a .... concentration of wealth.

After the concert, I went back to Honoratoka. I ordered Zurek, and ... ah,
"Domowe Pierogiz miesem lub Kapustai grzybami" --- mushroom and cabbage dumpling
( just jot down in my note from the menu, likely being misspelled)

Listening Chopin music in a place with low ceiling, I really wanted to spend there hours. Soooo cosy.
When I check out, I found myself not knowing the tip system. With awkwardness, I asked the waitress about it, and it is Only Cash.
Also, I could ask "Gdzie jest toaleta?"(= Where is bathroom?)  to her.  I love when my terrible foregin language somewhat communicate with the local people!

Walked down the street to south, I reached Saski park, where has an eternal fire with the "Tomb of unknown soldiers" is protected by two guard. I am impressed people pay respect to the people who dedicated to big cause, rather than big names.

On the other hand, I really would like to know the name of this bird; They look like avarage out of crow + dove + seagull.

Why ? because THEY POOPED ON ME.

Other things I noticed:
  • Dogs are off-leash, though they are royal to owner, walking close.
  • The check out register do not have auto-drawer like Japan or U.S. Shops have money box to keep changes.
  • Smoking & walking :/
Video from the 2nd day: 

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