Shosenkyo w/ Seven Hills Adventure

I participated on the Seven Hills Adventure tour again, for Shousenkyo, Yamanashi Prefecture.
Their blog post is available in Japanese. 

Although the tour leader got lost twice in the mountain, the weather was perfect and view from the top of the rocky mountain was amazing. 

It was supposed to be winery visit after running. However, I did not like any of those Japanese red wines that tasted too young.

 Since the mountain is famous for crystal mine, one of the top hil is totally white sand beach.

The south Alpse is reveals its total figure from the top of the mountain.

It is nice to have running folks to get informed/motivated, but I really don't get along with conservative dudes, who think I should be acting like a commodity of my husband and should be one of those helicopter wife of him, so this would be the last time I would participate on this trail running tour.

 Nonetheless, since the place is awesome, I visited there again April 8th, two weeks later with my family.

The narrow path along the stream of water will be closed down between high season May to Nov for sightseeing horse carrier and micro bus. So if you love silent walk along the river, April is the best.

姫次 Himetsugu (sample test climbing before actual Hirugatake)

 I took my dog to a morning quick trail walk to Kita Tanzawa, up to Himetsugu peak. (1433m)
Elv gain app 900m, and 9.5km. Objective of this climb was to find out parking situation for the next step, which is Hirugatake Peak back and forth.

I was just walking, not running. It took 3 hours and half back and forth for me and dog.

The Haccho slope I took was quite steep. I would recommend bringing climbing stick if you have.

 After 1000m, it started to be a climbing of a snowy hill
My dog noticed many, many dear around this area.
As I going down the steep hill, I passed some solo climbers going up. Then I heard horrible sliding noise from the top after a couple of minutes. I hope nobody hurt in that land slide.
No view at all in this morning.

Trails are not iced up,
but wooden board on the trail were slippery
because of mixture of snow and frost.

Ancient juice can. It's a landmark at this point.
I stopped by one of 7-11, and gas station in this area around 11am on Sunday after this trail. The both are rare existence in this area. The former was pricier than other places, and the latter was packed with hikers and bikers.