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Shin-hotaka and Kami-kochi 新穂高温泉&上高地

May 10th; Cloudy We started driving at 6:00 from Kawasaki bound for Hida. We arrived before noon, so decided to visit local area to kill time before checking in. Bear Farm : They let us hold a baby bear and take photos in the booth. I was not big fan of idea taking 8 weeks old baby away from the mom and using the baby for commercial purpose. Hirayu fall and a tree aged for 1000 years After stopping by casual public spa, had lunch, then head for lunch. We stayed a dog friendly inn in Nakao spa town. May 11th, Sunny We used rope way to try reaching to the NIshi hodaka lodge. However, the path was frozen so we turned around and hold the idea to the next time. Nakao spa area have nice abandoned national park. We walked with our dog.   Kamikochi was super crowded, but had nice view. It was excessively commercialized for my taste. Moreover they don't allow dogs to coming in. I don't like to pay money in anywhere where insist to ke

Dog Camera

I worked through golden week, so just update of running dog.