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Mawarime-daira camping -> Mt. Kinpu 金峰山と廻り目平

We arrived Mawarime-Daira camp site around 10:00, which were a bit later than we planned, due to the 3 days weekend. Good parking spots were already taken, but we managed to take a good and shady spot for 2 nights.  Mawarime-Daira camp site: 2800 yen for 2 of us, with parking for 2 nights. They offer their bath for 400 yen per person. You can buy fire woods for 550 yen, and if you purchase garbage bag from them for 200 yen, they will take care of the garbage, otherwise you should take back all garbage. They have luxury of water-flowing toilet, and one of them is western style. Karasawa fall in Kamoshika trail. This camp site have so many of good rock climbing spots, so we saw on-site rock climbing classes held there. The dead tree reminds me a project failed when it was planned, but insisted to survive, ending up with dead... Also, some facilitators set up gramping of matching party there prepared for the long weekend. We kept hearing fake laughs of these p