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Karasawa, Nagano

Why I climb? As a person with full time job in Tokyo area, I have no time, always exposed to competition. Competing time, collogue, and requirement asked by customers. Even in private time outside of my work, I lead the house since I am the only one who understand Japanese. My mother is elder and relying on me for anything digital, which is invading her life day by day. Please, let me alone. Let me stay in a silent place without motor nor computer. Surprisingly, I see increasing number of women in high mountain over 3000 meter these days with the same mental state. Japan has changed. Kami-Kochi (上高地) I took a bus leaving from Sinjuku at 22:30 PM for Kamikochi. Unlike my previous trip in 2018 , The bus was too shaky to sleep.   Arrived Kamikochi around 5:30am.  As I walked along Azusa river, I passed a couple of loud people several times. They seem to be prepared for tent, but carrying not so big backup. They asked me where I am going, and I replied I am going Karasawa. I did not see th