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Moulting Cicada, in Yokohama

The beauty of analog tranforming.  

Yatsugatake: Minoto route - Fujimi cabin -> Kiyosato - Wan Wan paradise

For my birthday, we toured Fujimi vacation home and Kiyosato area We tried Minoto route again. This time, we went a bit higher than the last time. Fujimi Kogen camping round have also cabins with a  enclosed yard. In the next day, we left for Kiyosato area. A dog  park Moegi no sato attraction had a outdoor ballet. A water fall "Toryu no Taki"  A dog friendly cafe We drived to Wan Wan Paradise in Yatsugatake. They basically rent out vacation house while owners are not using them. The meal was awesome, but we had to experience some reality gap between foregin families and traditional Japan. I wouldn't bitch about this.  In the next morning, we briefly visited natural spring water in the neiboring area.       A butterfly free rode my husband's cap for an extended period of time.