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蛭が岳 Hirugatake (in the beginning of season in 2019)

  Among several routes to climb up Mt.Hiru, I like the routes from Aone village, since these routes have the least climbers because of  its inconvenience in public transportation. In the early morning, I drove to  Kibikara yama Parking Lot.  The parking lot could contain barely 5 small cars, but was empty at the time of 6:30 am. Going through block gate build for vehicles, permitted to go over for walking climbers only, I walk on the paved road up to the intersection to Haccho-saka route. BTW, if you see any climbing path prefixed by "Haccho", that would be the indication of steep hill in Japanese climbing community. The path going up to Haccho kashira would take good 2.5 hours of walk. Here is what I tried to record a video footage with GoPro. I apologize for my clumsy angle configuration, since my phone app was not prepared well for this expedition. After reaching up to the top of Hacchozaka, the route change to a nice and easy ridge route to Himetsu