Yarigatake (yarisawa course) 槍ヶ岳 (槍沢コース) 

I used red-eye bus from Shinjuku station in the previous day.

(Unrelated to the subject, just like other grand central bus terminals in any big cities at night, I gotta say, ladies bathroom was filled with sex workers changing clothes and making up, taking facet area, keeping everyone from even washing hands at Shinjuku Bus-ta)

At 5:20, I reached Kamikochi and started walking up. Before reaching to Yoko-o, it started raining.
I covered up myself with rain-gear at the bathroom in Yoko-o, then started walking again. The course I took (Yarisawa course) have perfectly placed bathrooms, which I have not seen in any other mountain area where everyone have to compromise their civility for nature calls.
The rain was light at that point.
However, it started harder after passing Yarisawa hut, I didn't want to go back to Yarisawa hut, so I kept walking up.
I heard rumbling thunder, rain changed to sleet, at the point I had to wear crampons to walk on snow. Partially pathes were covered with streams of water. There were another 2 people walking in the same cause as me. I briefly chatted with them and told I would change my plan and run into Sessho hut rather than exposing myself to the danger of hitting by thunder any longer. Sessho hut is located at the point 30 min shorter walk than my original destination of the day, Yarigatake Inn.
One of the hikers did the same thing as me and chose Sessho hut. It was 14:30.

The place is not so big, but it was so nice to be dry, and NOT getting hit by the thunder. They provide basic mountain needs. Food, bed and protection from harsh weather. Just like usual mountain huts, no bath nor flowing water in toilets.
A hand-written map in the dining room area in Sessho hut.

Apparently, big typhoon were unexpectedly hitting the area. There were another 2 people staying the in. These people said they stayed in tent up there in Yarigatake Inn  yesterday.
They repeatedly said they were surprised I walked up from Kamikochi by myself. In this country, still solo hiking women are considered to be wacky, I guess.

All lights turned off at 8 pm, and breakfast is 5:30 am. It's the mountain life.

After breakfast, I started walking toward the destination Yarigatake at 6:00 am. It's just 30-40min walking on piles of rocks.

The weather was completely fogged, but not raining, nor storming, unlike the previous day.
Yarigatake climbing require some rock wall climbing. I am usually ok for this. However, the whole pointy rocks got gust of wind mixed with watery mist in that morning, so my heavy duty climbing gloves lost grip, and my climbing shoes got slippery. I got soaked (again), I was scared hell out of that!

So, in the middle of climbing path, I was resting a bit, was in the thought of  I might want to go down. However, the 4 other people came up, and I was encouraged to try going up by them.

For all people who wear glasses: If possible, use contact lenses when you go to mountain. Particularly in the bad weather, your glasses would fog up and would be hard to see anything.
It is important in the mountain to be able to catch paths, and any marking for climbing up/down rocks.

Due to the weather, nothing was visible, unfortunately. But I was happy to be at the top of this noble mountain with sharp air of solitude.

I stopped by Yarigatake Inn to get some coffee. I met the guy who shared path walking toward the Sessho hut in the previous day. He said he stayed in his tent under that storm yesterday. whoa.
I went back to the Sassho hut  to pickup my backup and changed my clothes to dry ones.

I started walking down the same path around 9 am. First, I thought I would stay one more night, probably in the mid point Yarisawa hut, so that I can take time to walk around the mountain. However, I reached the mid point Baba daira camping site around noon, which was a bit earlier than I expected. So I calculated backward and realized I could catch the bus to go back to Tokyo area today.
So I decided to do so.
It was present weather to go down, including Yarigatake area in my back. People climbing at this point probably could see great view from the top there. I was jealous. Darn for me, but I am hoping for the next occasion.

Having said that, I witnessed a rock of the size of refrigerator was rumbling down the snowy hill far behind of me in the other valley. I was glad that is not happening in the valley I was walking!

Rock rolling.
Since temperature was going up, there were lots of bugs flying around to bother my face. When I had some snack of almonds, I think some bug jumped into my mouth and added protain supply to my snack. ew. I should have bring those protection net drape to attach on my cap.
There were monkey families in the path between Tokusawa and Kappa bridge

I arrived Kamikochi bus tarminal around 16:10.
I was to use coin-shower at the Kamikochi bus terminal, but the place closes down 15:45, so I missed the shower. Darn for me again. I quickly changed my cloth at their bathroom. Since I was in hurry to make it to the bus, I left my running hat. Darn darn for me again twice!

My bus left at 16:45 from Kamikochi (not so hard to get ticket, considering it was Saturday) and Express train to Shinjuku left Matsumoto at 19:21.

Conclusive thought: I thought I basically like to be solo. Particularly I avoid hanging around with conservative people who think my family members are not normal therefore somewhat disturbing their life. Illogical.
However, I realized how existence of random stranger I meet in mountains are encouraging for me to go forward in harsh situation. This means I do mentally rely on these people. Meaning, I don't necessarily love being solo. Nonetheless, I think this solo trip was gain for me.

グンマー! Mt. Myogi ~ Hanamigahara Camp site

We reached to Mt. Myogi around lunch time, start to wondering around which beginner courses to try. They have tourist information kiosk at michno-eki parking lot in front of Myogi Shrine. We obtained a map.
We took the easiest route, Chukan dou (The middle road)

Kawakami dog kept in the Nakanodake Shrine

Even the easiest route, Myogi mountain trails was tough. We are glad we wore climbing shoes this time.

We left Myogi, hit road around 14:00, bound for Hanami gahara camp ground, in the other side of Akagi mountains.
The place was spacious and quiet, with clean shower and toilet.
We would visit here again Only if they lift their rule of no dog. There is no such an option for us  leaving our family member behind for any trip, so we do not visit here again.

The administrator guy was nice enough letting her in, since the weekend barely had other campers.
He even gave me Oyaki, which is regional cuisine pan cake.
On the other hand, they charged tent AND a turp. 860 yen each. 
So, that made their price chart attached with hidden rules. That annoyed me.

That's ok. We do not pay a dime to any business refusing our family. So no next time.

We tried to climb up Kurobi dake, but the bamboo were out growing and hindering our sight though the path. Since the visibility was low, and the ground condition were muddy, we decided to put off the climbing endeavor to the next time. 

We stopped by Hokkitsu Onsen in Shibukawa on the way to come back home.
We enjoyed nice, cozy regional outdoor onsen here. The hot water was a bit salty. The warmth of my body last long time.
Above  all, this place do not have any of those obnoxious and mean sign saying no tattoo. GREAT!!!

As a little souvenir, I got myself a Gunmaa character wallet. 
I intend to use this for my ear bud holder.

Nokogiri - Odake - Mazukari 鋸山~大岳山~馬頭刈尾根

 I left my car at 5am, in a parking lot around Okutama station for 1200 yen, the same place as the other time, right next to Okutama city office.

Passing Atago shrine hill and great staircase, path to Nokogiri mountain was rocky and a bit scary.

Tengu statue was set between Nokogiri mountain and Atago hill

 The view from Mt Otadake was not perfect as promised, but very likely it would have been better 2 hours later than I visited.

 There were many warning regarding day lights and bear apparences.
I always appalled by those conservative mountain administration putting signs like these.

These are parfect example of absense of audiences' point of view.

Prepare lights, prepare bells for danger of whatever! Ok, then what do you expect readers to do here?

The audience are in the middle of mountain. If you set this kind of notice, either set it at the station with storefront, or set here with vending machine! 
The famous Tsuzura rock were already filled with people at 9am on Saturday

Mt. Komyo had a little shrine with Ontake san's dog. 

On the way to going back to Okutama station to pickup my car, I saw a group of young girls with obvious camp gear, heading for Okutama station, looking at maps to Mt. Kumotori.

That was at 2 pm in afternoon. It is too late in the day for entrance to the route to Mt. Kumotori, which would take at least 5-6 hours to the top. I hope they will stay a night tonight in the outskirt area.