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Uncanny valley of sound

Excuse this post lacking of subject, just to avoid search engine. I am repeating these tweets after 7 years of his death. I appreciate my husband who put up with my speech in every dinners about my most respected musician for 3 weeks now. #fb — Fujisaki Kickno (@kickno) February 12, 2012 ここ数週間でがくっと体重が落ちたんだけど、筋肉も落ちたみたいで、7mileがちゃんと走れなかった。ともちゃん引っ張る引っ張る; — Fujisaki Kickno (@kickno) February 5, 2012 今日も夜2時くらいに目が覚めて、結局寝に戻れなかった;最近ずっとこのパターン。寝不足で気持ち悪いー。今夜9日ぶりのレッスン、出ないともっとブランク長くなって後で大変なことになるんだよな・・・。 — Fujisaki Kickno (@kickno) February 6, 2012 Since I am an auditory centered person, attending the show (great show!) without him gave me a strong sense of deficiency, cut-off and a lot of flashbacks of my memory. These make me sick. Since the inheriting guitarist is such a skillfull guy (and, good person), accurately copied phrasing by him created; uncanny vally of sound. Hopefully this is just for me. Hopefully everyone else enjoyed the show. Don't mistake. They are DOING