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御嶽神社 Mitake Shrine Blessing dogs health and long life.

御嶽神社 へ犬のご祈祷に行ってきました.   Mitake Shrine blesses dogs as your request. ロープウェイがあるのですが、今回は徒歩であがり、下りはロープウェイで降りてきました。 The place have a f unicular. We climbed on foot, and descended on funicular.  One way ticket for 600 yen for human adult. 260yen for middle sized dog. 1,500 yen for parking. ご祈祷一犬につき3,000円です。 3000 yen for blessing ritual of one dog. 神社の奥にはロックガーデンという、紅葉が素晴らしい小川の散歩道があります。 The place also have trails called "Rock Garden" backyard where you can enjoy change of color of leaves in this time of year. 背後を通過。 A funicular passed behind Cliff and Aisu.  
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I started to consider climbing up a mountain in south Alps in Japan, right after I climbed Mt. Yari in 2018 . I could not accumplish that in 2019, due to my broken bone in my left arm. In 2020, the whole South Alps was closed due to Covid-19. This was the long-awaited chance to climb up Mt. Kita. 2018年、 北ア槍ヶ岳を登った 後、南アにも行きたくなった。2019年は骨折で断念。2020年はコロナで断念。今年こそは!と南ア北岳にお邪魔しました。 芦安駐車場  (Ashiyasu Parking lot) In the previous day of the climbing day, I drove to parking lot in Ashiyasu . Driving to this parking lot was scary because it is a drive alone in the narrow and dark mountain path. However, in the parking lot, there were many climbers already parking there in 10:30 pm. A morter cyclinst was even sleeping on the ground with sleeping bag. Oh, that looks cold. I wrapped into a blanket, slept while listening a ukrere sound, strum, strum, and strum.  前日10:30pm頃、 芦安駐車場 に着く。芦安に行くまでの道は暗くて狭くてかなり怖い。 しかし芦安第二駐車場に着いたら、多くの車が同じことやっていて安心した

Mt. Ioh - Fujimi Camping ground

My husband and I climed up mountain Ioh in the morning. So many dragonflies on the rope, lining up. This was the first time we invited bunch of other families to our  camping .