My New Crampons


I plan to climb Oku-hotaka next weekend, and heard the top area got snowfall last week. So, I stopped by Kamoshika the sports store.

I have been using these lightweight crampons. I used these for climing Yarigatake and Karasawa in June 2018 and 2021 respectively.

But this time, I plan to walk a rocky and steep area, and according to the Inn those paths are covered with not-so-deep snow now. 

So I purchased an upgraded pair. My former co-worker advised me to bring my own climbing boots to the store beforehand. THANK YOU!

Thanksfully, Kamoshika climining sports store have a long weekend 10% coupon, and I could use Kanagawa-pay which kicks back 20% of the price as a point.
Kamoshika store staff told me my boots do not have a dedicated notch for crambon, so my choice was limited.

I also purchased CW-X tights, but inevitablly got a pair for MALEs.
162cm is the tallest size you can get in this country. Yes, I am  complaining. >:o

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