3 hours: short hiking for my senior sister dog: San-No-To (三の塔、犬のため)

Summary: Hi, people. Please keep a leash on your dog. That's the way in Japan now.
My long time running pal, Tomoe the Kishu dog has been depressed for a while, and has been stressed out, because of the introduction of this puppy to our household.

To make her feel better, I decided to have a short hiking trip of only 3 hours solely  for her. Not with the Kishu & Kai mix boy puppy above, since he is too young, and vaccination to prepare for mountain hike has not completed yet.
We arrived Yabitsu peak parking lot at 7:00 AM. I could not take photos, but on the way driving up there, the morning sunshine shed between trees is so beautiful and breathtaking.  I thought we should have come over an hour earlier, so that we can see the sunrise in the course instead.
The most popular course in Tanzawa "Omote ridge line" is still covered with snow, so crampons are absolutely needed.

Yabitsu Peak

From the San-no-tou

The public bathrooms in the beginning of path AND at the top of the San-no-tou are closed because of the flushing water in the tank is frozen. Please keep in mind the city of Hadano doesn't provide public bathroom service between December and Febuary. Only Yabitsu parking lot is the available bathroom. 

From Ni-no-Tou (Mt. Ohhira)

On the way coming down from the peak,  we met a lot of climbers are coming up.
One of the group with having a member of a mid-size dog, looked like a beret... and Off-leash. Oh, that's BAD. 
I understand the culture. In U.S., where I lived, plenty of our neighbors run a lake with their dog without a leash. The dogs are well-trained, and they never bark nor bite people, since they went appropriate doggie school. They are more trustworthy than people.
However,  sadly speaking, in this country, people never take dogs to doggie school. Actually, the word doggie school is unfamiliar among people. Therefore, people fear of off-leash dog. So the rule is to keep leashed on dogs in public places.

I don't want Tanzawa people start to say "No dogs in the mountains" just because they had one instance of people not knowing the rule of doggie leash. Please spread the word if you saw this post.  Please keep a leash on your dog. I know this rule is ignorant rule created by their tunneled minds, but that's the way in Japan now.

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