Inukoeji (Dog summiting path) in Tanzawa 丹沢の犬越路 with Dog

We climbed up Inukoeji (Dog summiting path) where the army of Takeda clan used to march for the purpose of military attack back in the 16th century. Takeda clan used military dogs, so we took our dog too... well, we always take our dog to trek anyway.

The path has paved road used for lumberjack business even now. Motor vehicles need to have a permit to pass, but pedestrians can use anytime. Having said that, I wouldn't use this path after dark. 
The place is quite silent. They even have an 800m tunnel to connect to the other side of Tanzawa, West side of Tanzawa where holds massive Tanzawa Lake. That hollow existence adds creepiness to the whole path.

On the bright side (literally), at the top of the Inukoeji path is the peak of Oosugi-Maru. There is an evacuation hut and bathroom. I had a sweet bean bread for breakfast there. We did not go up to Mt. Omuro, but Mt. Fuji was partially visible from the path.
Mt. Fuji

 We parked our car at Kannnogawa Hut. The parking is 300 yen. To loop back to the parking lot, we used a minor path, a steep ridge path without any signpost,  to go down. According to the West Tanzawa Map, it was about 700m to descend the minor path. I set my GPS watch to track the distance to descend for just in case we lost track. The path was buried with pine leaves, but clear enough to follow, especially for our dog who helped us to follow the path.

 After reaching the paved road, it was a quiet and easy road to walk down.
We stopped by Iyashi no yu to clean ourselves after this 5 hours of hike.

The straight line is where GPS could not track our walk in the tunnel.

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