Kiyosato-Fujimi plateau (Yatsugatake) trip in the storm : 2 清里~富士見高原(八ヶ岳) 台風21号 (2)

Before moving to Fujimi plateau, we climed up to Iimori yama
This was meant to be quick and easy hike.
Iimori yama

Then we drove to the hut we rent out for next two day, which have fences around yard for dog.
You have to be careful for the rural area rule. We arrieved this local town, to the station area around 2pm, expectng to have some lunch. But all of these shops are closed. Since they operate 11-1pm, and 17pm-20pm. in the old style everyone live in the same schedule.
We ended up with going local chain grocery and picked up some Tako-Yaki.
Fujimi resort rental house

The hut was quite old, and do not have enough lighting. 
But had decent laundry machine and laundry line under awning. (No detergent, nor laundry clip)

Not only the laundry machine....
I mean, they have good table stove and frying pans, but no condiments, tin-foil nor microwave.
They got nice bath chair and washing bowl, but no shampoo nor conditioners.
Kitchin sink had washing sponge of a decade old, and coffee cups were 70s Japanese style, which has espresso size. The hut has great deck, but no outside slippers.(and they have lots of inside slippers, more than necessity.)

Overall, the amenities here are all served as "unfinished sentences" 

  But my dog enjoyed the yard. So we will visit here again, probably to the camp site.

And, the typhoon cut power line and we lost power from 15:00 to the next day 9:00 am. So we did not have anything to do in that day

I enjoyed post-typhoon jogging in the leaving morning, though.

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