Kiyosato-Fujimi plateau (Yatsugatake) trip in the storm : 1 清里~富士見高原(八ヶ岳) 台風21号

We visited Kiyosato and Fujimi Kogen, planning on climbing up to Nishi-dake in Yatsudgatake.
However, the biggest typhoon hit the area. So We had to cancel the climbing part.

Though, I think my family enjoyed the stay overall despite the weather.

Utsukushi Mori

 Hagoromo pond is on the way to the top of Aka dake, which I would have gone if I were not exhausted with the crazy August.

We came back to station area and visited  Doryu fall along side of the railroad. 

We stayed a pension Greyhound in Kiyosato
The dog friendly Inn is a bit old, but french chef serve a good quality french dinner. The big pieces of cake at the last of the dinner is a bit too overkill, but I have American husband to eat the half of my cake! :) 

 Kiyosato used to be called "Harajuku in plateau" attracting tons of young tourist in 80-90s. However, I see traffics going to Yatsugatake, but scarce people walking around, and shops are all closed and decayed.

This used to be One Happy Plaza.

 On the other hand, there is Moegi no mura a couples of km away from the station, newly renovated shopping mall.

Caution: The music box museum advertise themselves Pets OK. But they don't want to invite our medium size dog, but only tiny toy breeds held by owner are permitted. (This is prevalent local illogical role in Japan, unfortunately) We got shoo off. Amazing ignorance.
We had lunch in truly dog ok place right next to marry go-around.

Visited Takizawa Farm and its dog park.

At the end of the 2nd day, Cliff visited to Jindai Cherry blossom.
(I was still exhausted and stayed in car)

 I ran with dog in Kiyosato in the both morning. I noticed Google map does not reflect local road accurately. Some of the roads are buried into bush, no one taking care of at all.

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