Mt Takamatsu, Tanzawa (w/ Seven Hills Adventure)

Mt. Takamatsu (801m)    I participated in Seven Hills Adventure tour again.
  The weather was gorgeous.  Mt. Fuji was perfectly visible. However, the path was slippery and covered by piles of snow and ice. It was not the easiest run at all!

I need to note every time I run with other people, I feel like I prefer doing so myself. I can feel the nature better that way.

But I force myself to do so to keep myself somewhat social. :p

We ran to the entrance of the hiking route to Mt. Takamatsu, for 10-15 min. For walking, there are buses available, but it appeared to have a quite sparse time table.

I stopped by Sakura no Yu close to the Yamakita station. The place is run by the local government, and looking decent, serving to the local.

Also, the Gotenba line is a pretty local line, with a sparse timetable. I would recommend driving to Sakura no yu, and park there for your best convenience.

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