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鍋割山 Nabewari Mt. with coworkers

This was the first time to climb up mountain with others.

I thought it was too late in the season, but leaves are perfectly dyed into autumn color on the tree.



First time to use alcohol stove in mountain. I had added water to the bag of dried noodle in that morning, so the noodle had already gotten soft. All I had to do was to heat up the soup, but I apparently didn't bring enough alcohol and had to eat lukewarm soup. Next time I should bring more than 50 ml. 

This is the content of my backpack.

This time, I was with Aisu the black dog. He was such a spoiled dog who whined and barked when I was using bathroom, but mostly ok for climbing.


No, it is not mine. My collogue made a plum soup noodle (udon) that looked really yummy!

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