Lake Motosu Ikoino mori camp ground.

Lake Motosu Ikeno Mori camp ground 
Grill: 12 ish
Sink: About 12 facets
Bathroom: Yes
Stores nearby: None
Pet: OK.
Mobile: IIJMio and Nuromobile are worked well there.
Shower: Yes
Administration: Garbage has to be taken back home, or big plastic bag can be sold by the office for 100 yen and they will take that bag.

This place is perfect for family with kids. In fact, YMCA camp apparently chose here for kids activity.
On the other hand, if you prefer more silent, laid back environment, I would suggest staying the right neighboring camp site; Kou-an Tent village.
Note: This camp site is sectioned out and your spot can be reserved beforehand.

Hiking trails: Mt Ryugatake through Hatashi peak (1256m) is the closest and steep trail of the casual climing. If it is fine weather, Mt. Fuji could be visible from the top.

Note: We stopped by Fujisaikoonsen Izumi Hot Spring
The both of us have western style tattoos. No body said anything. And I saw the other lady with western style tattoo.
Hey Pal!

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