Prefectual Akagi Camp site

Prefectural Akagi Park

Quote from the official website:

"Camp Site.
Application is unnecessary and free. It can be used freely. Toilets and water supply can not be used in winter.

be sure to bring garbage back.
Direct fire is prohibited. Please use barbecue stove etc.
Please refrain from using for a long period (about one week)."

Grill: 8
Sink: About 12 facets
Bathroom: Yes, but Japanese squatting style.
Stores nearby: None
Pet: No one said anything about a not-so-barking middle size dog.
Mobile: IIJMio and Nuromobile are worked well there.
Shower: None
Administration: They clean toilet daily, but administration is the least invasive to visitor.

Hiking trails: Mt. Kurobi is the closest and highest mountain in the area.

Note 1: The place is in the story of one of the poplar road racing manga.
Therefore, you will hear a lot of blasting sound in the middle of the night.
If you need to prepare yourself for the next climbing day, you need to bring your earplugs.

Note 2: We used Shakunage no yu for Onsen experience.
The both of us have western style tattoos. No body said anything about it.

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