After rehearsing with choir for this advent season, I came back home close to 10pm. Cliff wanted to have a bottle of wine, so I went to liqueur shop.
It was the last minute for the shop, so I just picked up a random cheap bottle of wine and hurried to counter.

There was a big black dude, who was talking to the 2 white clerks;
"What would you feel when 500lb guy selling illegal cigarette and against you! The cop did their job!!"

The TV on the shelf of the counter was showing NYC protests.

"Well, but, ahnm, there was no reason for him to be killed." the white clerk said. And I know he is Republican, from occasional tax small talk.

While I was paying for the bottle, I whispered to the other clerk, "That makes me really sad".
The young clerk said, "That makes me sad too. Way too complicated."
Real life, non-internet fuss. An evening in Columbia, MD, where celebrate diversity.

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